How do I share my page?

You can set up automatic posts to Twitter and email from the Edit Profile button on your FundEasy page. Recent changes to Facebook mean that we can no longer auto-post to Facebook on your behalf. 

When you're logged into your page, you'll see the Edit Profile and Sharing Settings button to the right of your profile picture. From here you have several options to post to Twitter or send emails daily, when someone donates on your page, or when you reach your goal. 

You can also manually share your FundEasy page using Email, Facebook, and Twitter using the buttons on your page. When you use the email button on your mobile device, you'll be able to easily copy the link to your page so you can send it to your friends. 

Use the link for your page to post it on other social media from your mobile device.

On desktop, you can also use the Spread the word section to share your page on other sites. 

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