How do I share updates?

You will need to turn on sharing in your FundEasy Profile settings in order to use the update feature.

  1. Log into your FundEasy page and then click the Profile Settings button.

  2. Enable your sharing options for Twitter and Email. Because of changes at Facebook, we can no longer autopost to your Facebook, but you can still use the Facebook sharing option in your Updates tab and in the Spread the Word section of your page.

To create your update:

  1. Click the Updates Tab
  2. Click Write An Update
  3. Compose your update and choose where to send the update:
    1. Email your sponsors and/or your team members.
    2. Tweet your update to your friends. Your subject line will be your tweet, with a link to your FundEasy wall.
    3. If you want to add an image or some colorful text, you can do that using the Rich Text Editor option. These changes may not show on social media, but they will show in your updates tab.
    4. To manually share your update on Facebook, post your update and then use the sharing tools in the Updates tab.
  4. Should you want to change how your FundEasy page sends updates, you can change those options in the Edit Profile button on your FundEasy page.

Visitors to your page can also share your updates via Email, Facebook, and Twitter by clicking the buttons at the bottom of each update.

To edit or delete your update:
  1. Log into your FundEasy page
  2. Click the Update tab
  3. Go to the update you want to edit
  4. Click the edit button

  5. Save your changes.

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