Tips for Increasing Your Success on FundEasy

The most important thing to consider about your FundEasy page is how much traffic it is getting. Simply put, the more traffic, the more sponsors. You can always monitor your traffic in the Visitors tab on your FundEasy Page.

The following tips will help you to drive traffic and make the most of your page for when people visit.

Personalize Your FundEasy Page

Your FundEasy page will be more instantly recognizable and effective if you personalize it as much as possible. This shows that you're engaged, and believe in your cause. If you believe in it, so will they!

Upload a Photo of Yourself

  • Click the yellow "Profile Settings" button.
  • Upload a photo of yourself or use your Facebook profile photo.

Add Photos or a Personal Video to your Page

  • Click the yellow "Add Photo or Video" button.
  • Upload up to 5 photos or one video to make your FundEasy page more engaging.
  • TIP: Use your phone to record to upload a video to YouTube explaining your passion for the cause and how people can help.

Add a Welcome Message:

The Welcome Message is the first thing people will read about why you are fundraising.  Write about the following:

    1. Who are you?
    2. Why are you raising funds?
    3. Why should others support you?
    4. Write personal and regular Updates to engage your family and friends.

Write Updates Often

It's commonly known that people need to see something about 17 times before they decide to act. That's why posting Updates daily or weekly is so essential in your success. Every time you post an Update, remember to post it to your social media accounts and email it to your friends. We recommend writing an Update to your FundEasy page at least once a week.

Sending Emails

In addition to using Facebook and Twitter, sending emails is more direct and can reach people in a more personal and meaningful way. Emails will automatically link people back to your page. For best results, try and do this weekly.

This can be done right on your FundEasy page on the right side under "Spread the Word." We pre-populate your email with the link to your page, but you'll want to personalize your email to your friends and family.

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